Wow it has seemed that this year has zoomed by and soon Waimairi Toy
Library will be closing for the summer break! Thank you to all of our members for your support this year. We really do appreciate our members and committee for helping to keep our wonderful toy library running!
We have had a busy and successful year. We have had successful fundraisers with the Bento Ninja Stainless Steel Pegs, Naked Baker Pies and the Bunnings sausage sizzle and a huge thanks to our Grants Officers, Frances and Rob, who have been successful in many grants which has enabled us to buy lots of new toys and pay for the operating costs of the library.

Final Sessions and Summer Holiday Hire
Our last session before we close for the summer holiday is Saturday 14th
December. All toys must be returned by this date, except for the new loans made to cover the holiday period. During the sessions on Saturday 7 December, Thursday 12 December and Saturday 14 December you can hire toys for the entire summer holiday for $5 per toy, returning them when we reopen in the New Year. So during these 3 sessions you can return toys but any new loans will be for the summer therefore costing $5 each. This is a great opportunity to hire those fun outside or big toys for the kids to play with over the summer.

We reopen in the New Year on Saturday 1st Feb 2020! Your summer hire toys will be likely to be staggered over the first few sessions of the year to avoid being too busy in the library.

Saturday November 23rd is Waimairi Toy Library’s Toy Sale. We hold these every 2 years to make room for newer toys. These toys are all a bit older and no longer suitable for hire but still very good to play with. Unfortunately we cannot hold on to all our toys but would really like to keep all the plastic out of the landfills. Proceeds from the sale of these pre-loved toys will naturally go toward recouping library running costs which are only partially covered by grants. If you see something you like, something that could benefit your local doctor/dental clinic waiting room, or something for children in less fortunate families, please help us keep the earth cleaner and greener and pass them on. The sale will happen during the toy library session at the rear of the school hall. Tell your friends, spread the word! Bring your own shopping bags to fill.

Thank you
We would like to thank all the wonderful members and committee who helped out with our Bunnings Sausage Sizzle in October. We made $488 profit from this day!
We would also like to thank One Foundation who have recently granted us $1115.42 to purchase more STEM toys for our library. The new toys will be in the library early next year, if not sooner, as all the little pieces need to be
labelled. As part of this grant we are also purchasing a second set of the very popular Magna Tiles. All new toys will be posted on our Facebook page as they are put into the library so look out for them.

Our current roster was emailed out this week to members. Please take time to take a look at it and if you have not added in your name please do so. It is
expected that every member works one roster duty per roster. This roster runs until the end of March 2020 and there are currently a few gaps to fill.
If you and your family intend to leave the Waimairi Toy library then please tell Annabel, otherwise you will be added to future rosters.

Can You Help Us?
We are looking to replace our old toy library mobile phone for one that is more user friendly and reliable. Have you recently upgraded your phone and have a working, current but second hand phone that the toy library could use? We mainly use it to text and call but it also needs to be able to run current Apps too. Are there any handy people out there that could come along to one toy library session with some tools to complete some maintenance jobs that need doing? We would love it if some of these jobs could get ticked off our to do list! Please see Annabel if you can help us out.

Many thanks to all of you and we hope you have a splendid Christmas holiday! We look forward to seeing you in the New Year. Enjoy your toys and take care.