Thank you to Christchurch Airport Community Fund & First Sovereign Trust

Thank You Christchurch Airport Community Fund. 

We have recently been able to purchase a light box and accompanying resources with thanks to the Christchurch Airport Community Fund. We were keen to expand the range of toys we offer to ensure that all children, including those with special needs and sensory needs, were also catered for. Research has shown that sensory/light play naturally facilitates exploration, supporting cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills and problem solving skills. These resources will be a fantastic asset to our library.

The Christchurch Airport has collection boxes around the airport where travelers can donate their coins before leaving the country. The Airport then matches this money raised dollar for dollar and distributes to community groups in Christchurch. We really appreciate your support Christchurch Airport Community Fund.


Thank You First Sovereign.

We would like to thank First Sovereign for awarding us a grant in May 2018. This grant will cover our Librarian’s wages and operating costs for three months. It is a great help to have these expenses covered as we rely on grants to keep our toy library running.

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