Welcome to the Waimairi Toy Library, where our primary focus is to ensure children have access to a diverse range of educational and enjoyable toys. Discover how we sustain ourselves to make this mission possible, and if you have any fundraising ideas, please don’t hesitate to share them with us!

For those interested in making a donation, we sincerely appreciate your generosity and kindly invite you to visit our Givealittle page.

As proud members of the Toy Library Federation of New Zealand, we are part of a network that oversees more than 200 toy libraries across the country. This federation plays a vital role by offering managerial support and valuable advice to assist in the day-to-day operations of our library.

Membership fees play a pivotal role in acquiring new toys and covering the Library’s operational expenses. Additionally, the fees collected from toy rentals and any fines for overdue returns contribute significantly to keeping our Library operational.

We owe our existence to the support of generous donor organizations, some of which are featured below. These organizations provide us with grants to cover specific expenses, and their contributions are indispensable in sustaining our ability to serve the community effectively.


     Aotearoa Gaming Trust     Air Rescue Services LTD

Lottery COVID-19 Community Wellbeing Fund

Throughout the year, we sell toys that have started to show wear and tear, ones that have not been regularly hired in the past year and those which may have a few too many missing pieces. Any money raised is plugged back into the library.