What Are the Membership Costs?

Our membership fee is $80 for a calendar year. We operate on a rolling membership system, meaning your membership is valid for one calendar year from the date you join the toy library. Most toys are available for free, with a $2 charge for larger, expensive toys marked with red spots.

Do You Offer Discounts for Community Services Card Holders?

Yes, we do. Holders of a valid Community Services Card receive a 25% discount off the membership fee, reducing it to $60 for a calendar year.

Is There a Non-Duty Membership Option?

Certainly. For members who may have limited time to volunteer for rostered duties but still want access to our toy library toys, we offer a non-duty membership at $160 per year.

Do You Provide Short-Term or Temporary Memberships?

Yes, we have a casual membership option for individuals who are only in the area temporarily or for those without children who have friends and family visiting. Casual members are required to provide a refundable $50 security bond and pay $5 for each toy borrowed

Is Duty Participation Mandatory for Members?

Yes, all members are expected to fulfill duty assignments. Through our MiBase members portal, you can choose duty sessions that suit your schedule best.

How Many Duty Sessions Will I Be Assigned?

Expect to be rostered for duty between 4 and 6 times per year, depending on the number of members in the toy library. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled duty session.

Are Committee Members Required to Do Duty?

No, committee members are exempt from rostered duty. Their main responsibilities include tasks behind the scenes, such as packing toys, handling grant applications, and organizing fundraisers. However, they may be asked to cover for absent duty members in emergency situations.

What Does Duty Involvement Entail?

Duty involves assisting in the operation of the toy library during the session. In the returns area, you’ll count toys against their packaging and use the returns computer to update member files—simple tasks that can be enjoyable.

What If I Cannot Fulfill My Duty Assignment on the Scheduled Day?

If your rostered duty day is inconvenient, you can exchange duties with another member or send a replacement on your behalf. Notify the toy library of any changes at 022 451 7886 (via text) or [email protected] to update the roster.

Emergency Last-Minute Duty Cancellation

In case of a last-minute emergency preventing you from attending duty, please contact the librarian as soon as possible. Failure to fulfill your rostered duty will result in a $40.00 fine for each missed duty.

What If I Am Pregnant?

Families expecting a baby can take a three-month hiatus from duty around the baby’s due date. Please inform the committee of your pregnancy at least four months before your due date via email at [email protected].

Involvement in Fundraising

Your membership fee primarily covers ongoing operational expenses. Occasionally, we may conduct fundraising activities (e.g., sausage sizzles, raffles, or bake sales) 2 to 4 times a year to help manage these costs. If you’d like to volunteer for fundraising, please inform us of your interest.

How Can I Resign My Membership?

If you need to resign your membership for any reason, please do so in writing via email to [email protected]. We require two weeks’ notice to allow time for roster adjustments, and you are expected to fulfill any outstanding rostered duties during this period. Please note that there is no refund for any unused portion of your membership.