Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Toys Can I Borrow?

At the beginning of the year, members can borrow up to 8 toys, with a maximum of 4 red spot toys. This allocation may vary during the year based on toy library inventory and membership.

How Long Can I Keep Borrowed Toys?

Toys are initially loaned for two weeks, but you can return them earlier if desired. You can renew toys once for an additional two weeks by contacting the library via phone, leaving a message with your name, phone number, toy numbers, and due dates. Renewing red spot toys incurs a $3 per toy charge for the renewal period.

Where Should I Return Borrowed Toys?

Toys should be returned to the desk as you enter the library. Most toys come with bags or boxes for packaging, so please ensure you return all packaging along with the toys. If a toy has missing pieces, kindly inform the duty staff during the return process.

Cleaning Toys Before Return

Before returning toys, please thoroughly clean and dry them. Cleaning supplies are available at the toy library. Toys must be cleaned if they are dirty and cannot be re-shelved. Clean toys ensure their longevity and promote the health of our children.

Batteries for Toys

Some toys require batteries, and we make an effort to clearly label them as such. This way, you can decide whether to choose toys with batteries or not.

Overdue Toys

Members receive one session of grace before charges apply for overdue toys. For instance, if a toy is due on Thursday and returned on Saturday, there is no charge. An overdue charge of $2 per toy per session applies to toys returned late. Overdue red spot toys incur a $3.00 fine per toy per session.

Checking Toy Pieces

Each toy comes with a list of pieces. We recommend thoroughly checking each toy and its packaging against this list once you take it home. If you encounter any issues (e.g., missing or incorrect pieces), please contact the toy library via email within 48 hours of borrowing the toy.

Handling Lost or Broken Pieces

If a toy or its packaging is damaged during your hire, please contact us. A charge may be imposed to cover the cost of replacement. If a part of a toy gets lost, you can renew the toy for two more weeks to search for the missing piece. If the piece remains missing, a fine of $2 to $10 (depending on its importance to the toy) is charged, and a missing piece form is completed. If the missing piece is returned within a month, you’ll receive a partial refund.

Lost or Damaged Toy Packaging

The plastic containers and bags are considered part of the toy and incur replacement costs. If a container or bag is broken while you have the toy or if an accessory bag is misplaced, a charge will be applied.

Stay Updated on New Toys

New toys are added throughout the year and are showcased on our Facebook and Instagram pages. To explore a wider variety of toys, consider changing your visit day or time—this can lead to discovering different toys based on the day of the week or fortnight you visit.

Holiday Closure and Toy Hire During Christmas

The toy library closes during the Christmas period to conduct routine toy maintenance and allow everyone a well-deserved break from duties. Christmas toys are available for hire during the last two weeks of opening, at a charge of $5 per toy (excluding bookable toys like roller coasters).

Involvement in Fundraising

Your membership fee primarily covers ongoing operational expenses. Occasionally, we may conduct fundraising activities (e.g., sausage sizzles, raffles, or bake sales) 2 to 4 times a year to help manage these costs. If you’d like to volunteer for fundraising, please inform us of your interest.